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Handyman Mendip it’s a great team that makes home improvementproperty repairs, and maintenance services. What really makes us special is that we are skilled professional handymen, with years of experience which saves you time and money. Contact us. We’re efficient and reliable.

From simple repairs to big renovation, carpentry, electric, and storage problems, we can perform everything that you don’t want to waste your time on. Contact our helpful team to discuss your requirements, or simply plan online for one of our craftsmen. Handyman does all jobs that can’t be managed by you or require a specialist. We are a handyman near you – you can count on.

Handyman Mendip contact: 125 844 4884 

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Handyman Mendip

Handyman Mendip Services

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom Fitting

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Handyman Mendip

Carpet Cleaning

Handyman Mendip

Electrical service

Picture is showing Fence


Man is doing Flooring


Picture is showing furnitures

Furniture Assembly

Picture is showing kitchen

Kitchen Installation

Hands and driller


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Handyman Mendip




Man on the roof doing roofing




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Tree Cutting

Full List of services

• Change sink taps
• Fix water leaks
• Replace ball valves
• Install washing machines & Dryers
• Fit an outside tap
• Replace light switches
• Replace sockets
• Fit a door bell
• Install smoke detectors
• Install Burglar Alarms
• Install security lights
• Tiling
• Plastering
• Repair wall cracks
• Replace tile grout
• Reseal Kitchens, showers and bathrooms

• Fit new kitchen doors
• Install Shelves
• Assemble flat pack furniture
• Erect a shed
• Power washing
• Repairs to gates and fencing
• Landlord property maintenance
• Commercial property maintenance
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Roofing
• Kitchen Fitting
• Bathroom Fitting
• Decorating
• Laminate Wood Floors

• Re-Seal Baths and Showers
• Toilet repair
• Waste Disposals
• Install Sockets and Lights
• Rental Property Maintenance
• Repairs
• Painting
• Gardens
• Bathrooms
• Kitchens
• Wood Floors
• Doors
• Locks
• Storage Solutions
• Dyson Vacuum Repairs

• Bath Screens
• Blind Fitting
• LCD Tv’s
• Hang Pictures/Mirrors
• TV & Audio Installation
• Wall mount TV
• General Maintenance
• Wall & Floor tiling
• Replacing guttering, fascias and soffits
• Replacing roof tiles / cement
• Installing / replace smoke detectors
• Boarding out lofts and installing loft ladders
• Hanging pictures and mirrors
• Fitting extractor fans
• Install / replace ceiling fans

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handyman Mendip
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handyman is drilling
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Man i repairing window with driller

Local Handyman services in Mendip

Bathroom Fitting – Bathroom installation might be a difficult project! If you’ve recently acquired a newly fitted bathroom, we’re happy to provide a full bathroom installation service to take care of everything for you. Our expert bathroom fitting service is a time-saving, efficient, and cost-effective service that installs your bathroom suite to the highest standard with minimal interruption to you and your family.

Carpentry – We install and create everything from fireplace mantels to cabinets, bookcases, and wooden counters.

Carpet Cleaning – The steam cleaning process used by our handyman is not only removed dirt from filthy carpets, but also kills germs, mold, and bacteria and has a significant sanitizing impact on the materials.

Electrical services – We can handle any size of electrical installation. For satisfied customers, we typically install ceiling fans, smoke detectors, and light fixtures. These are the kind of electrical equipment that make living more secure and pleasant. If you require electrical services, rest certain that we will provide excellent installation, clear communication, and fair pricing. Electrical installation is one of our specialties.

Fencing – Let us offer you an estimate if you want a border fence around your yard or a 6ft overlap panel fence to keep those prying eyes out. Not only are we competitive, but we also provide a complete fencing solution for your house or garden where quality comes as standard.

Flooring – We have extensive expertise installing many varieties of flooring, including solid wood, laminate, vinyl, and tiled floors. We take pleasure in offering a first-class service in all elements of the work we complete to your exact specifications.

Furniture Assembly – Let us make sense of those confusing poorly written instructions, let us get rid of the piles of rubbish left over, let us position and secure your furniture or flat pack wherever you want it, we can assemble it all, Ikea furniture, Argos Wardrobes, B&Q kitchens, let us make sense of those confusing poorly written instructions, let us get rid of the piles of rubbish left over, let us position and secure your furniture or flat pack wherever you want it.

Kitchen Installation We can complete your dream kitchen, whether it’s a high gloss finish or an oak finish, handleless or with handles.

Lock Smith – Service for lock repair and lock replacement. When it comes to window and door locks, as well as window and door difficulties, we can help.

• Painting – Qualified painters and decorators will transform your home from dull and lifeless to fresh and modern. They are skilled in all aspects of decorating, including painting internally and externally, wallpaper stripping, wall preparation, and wallpaper hanging.

• Plumbing – We offer repair and maintenance of boilers and radiators Detecting and repairing leaks. Gutter, drainage, and sewage system unclogging

Refurbishment – We offer a wide range of services and home improvements, from full renovation and refurbishment.

• Roofing – We are committed to providing roof maintenance and installation including: flat roofing maintenance, installation, new roof, tiling & slating, general roof repairs, gutter cleaning.

Tilling – We install all types of tiles, from natural stone to ceramic; we can tile your kitchen backsplash or a full bathroom, and we can tile floors throughout your home to an exceptionally high standard.

Tree Felling – Aids in the taming of your garden and the organization of outdoor spaces.

Handyman Mendip, contact 125 844 4884

Handyman Mendip recommends

In this article we reveal which tools are good to have in your basement – you never know what and when might be useful.

You may be noticing small problems around the house that demand your care now that you’re spending practically all of your time at home, such as a door that won’t close properly or a sagging railing.

If you can’t wait till the quarantine period is through to start these improvements ,or if a loose hinge is driving you crazy, most house repairs can be completed with just a few basic tools.

1. Basic Starter Kit

All of the necessities and very little filler should be included in a basic tool kit. Additional features or comforts, such as padded handles, are rarely found in such packages.

2. Multi-bit Screwdriver

The six double-headed bits are stored in a spinning carousel that pops out of the back of the handle, which is all you’ll ever need for around-the-house tasks.

The teardrop-shaped handle fits comfortably in the hand, and the storage cap at the end rotates freely, allowing you to press down on the screwdriver while still turning it — tremendous assistance when trying to dislodge a jammed or rusty screw. 

3. Tape Measure

Tape measures are necessary for spacing images on a wall, measuring a room for painting, and determining whether or not a piece of furniture will fit. An excellent tape measure is precise, easy to read, and has a long-lasting blade, which is the first thing to break.

4. Hammer

Cheap hammers with wood or fiberglass handles have a tendency to crack or loosen their heads over time.
The curved claw is excellent for pulling nails, and the padded handle is firm but not floppy like some others. Estwing hammers have served me well for decades, and I can speak to their durability.

5. Wrench

Wrenches are ideal for changing a leaking shower head or installing a new bidet in the bathroom. Cheap wrenches to loosen when they are used, and they can remove a nut’s corners. They also have minimalist handles that make leaning into a trapped bolt harder.



6. Stud Finder

Heavy things, such as a set of shelves or a large mirror, should be hung on a stud to avoid tragedy. It’s not always easy to track down those studs. Electronic stud-finders are notoriously unreliable and necessitate meticulous calibration every time they are used.

7. Hex Wrench

The Tekton wrenches have a rounded end that fits the fastener at an angle, making it easier to fix a loose doorknob or tighten a toilet paper holder, for example. The wrenches are held snugly in the folding case, but not so tightly that we needed pliers to remove them, as we did with other sets we tried.

8. Drill

There are many drillers on the market. Some chores, such as installing curtain rods or hanging closet shelving, just require the use of a drill. But don’t be put off by the contractors’ enormous tools. Smaller 12-volt models are lighter and easier to handle, and they provide plenty of power for typical household tasks.

9. Toolbox

You can only have a nice tool collection if you can find what you need when you need it. A trustworthy toolbox is crucial, whether you’re a DIYer who handles substantial home repair and maintenance projects or an apartment renter who wants to put a few picture frames.

When it comes to finding the tools you need, this basic piece of equipment will save you a lot of time and effort. You won’t have to waste time looking for loose screws in a drawer, digging through boxes for a specific screwdriver, or seeking the right drill battery charger.

I use different toolboxes. Based on my experience, I’ve put together a list of possibilities that will appeal to practically anyone who owns more than a few tools.

10. HeadLamp

Last but not least a good lamp is absolutely required. Precision is required for most repairs and improvements, which are impossible to do in low light. Unlike flashlights, headlamps provide hands-free illumination that is always focused on the task at hand. (Holding a headlamp like a flashlight is also convenient while investigating under-sink plumbing or peering into a crawl area, for example.)

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